happy after getting fast payday loanNeed cash in a hurry? Well dont panic because you are in the right place. Instantpay-day-loans.co.uk work with many Payday Loan Lenders to ensure you get the cash you need within 15 minutes. Our quick and easy application form can be completed in 1 minute completely securely and without obligation. Then using the newest and safest technology available, your details are sent to over 70 lenders in seconds, they then reply instantly so you get your money as soon as possible.

You are guaranteed to get the best rates too because we work with the most lenders on the internet. Every payday lender we work with is FCA accredited meaning you can rest assured that your details are 100% secure. We have a CCL and DPL so you know you are in good hands, this is why so many customers keep returning .

How Does it Work?

  1. Firstly decide on the amount you want to borrow and for how long then ahead over to our application form and fill out your personal details including your name, address and other identifiable information such as you social security number and drivers license.
  2. Next press the apply button and your loan application will be processed online instantly!. If you have been approved you will then be redirected to another page to finalise you application and enter you bank details for where you want to receive the money.
  3. We will deposit the money same day into your bank account however, this may vary depending on your bank’s policy. You can then withdrawn the cash and spend it on whatever you like be it bills, shopping, rent or unwanted emergency costs.
  4. When you recieve your paycheck we will debit the money from your bank account plus the interest on top. The interest rates are variable and sometimes change depending on the lenders or the applicant but are generally 25% of the amount you take out.

For small companies, since the amount borrowed is usually significantly higher than the maximum amount individuals have access to, the repayment period varies between 60 and 120 days or even 1 and 3 years and can be paid in installments.

Both for individuals and small companies, the lenders may require collateral, depending on the amount of the loan. The smaller the loan, the smaller the possibility to be asked for collateral! however, as we deal with small sums of cash and not large loans we require no collateral so all of the loans are unsecured.

Here are a few more benefits of a loan from us:

  • No credit checks – As we are a short term lender we require little or no credit checks as the risk is greatly reduced by the amount of cash we lend.
  • Fast Application – We have streamlined our application to be the fastest in the business, only taking 15 minutes from start to finish to get a loan.
  • Instant Approval – We don;t hang around. If you have applied for a short term loan then we will tell you straight after your application whether you qualify or not.
  • Quick Payments – We understand the urgency of people who require short term funding and have a fast payment procedure however, this can vary depending on your bank.
  • Loan for Bad Credit – We understand that not everyone has got a good credit history for many reason and are more flexible than traditional lenders.
  • No Faxing – You can apply for a short term loan online and there is no need to fax of endless amount of paperwork or visit our offices to obtain a loan.
  • UK Residency- As long as you have a permanent residency in the UK you will be eligible to apply for a short term loan with Instantpay-day-loans.co.uk.

The application process in case of banks can take longer because these institutions verify their clients’ credit history. If you are a small business owner, they will check your cash flow history, and, if you are an individual, you may be required to provide your credit report.

Instant Payday Loans works a lot differently and removes much of the hassle and stress that is created when a person requires emergency cash. This is why online short-term loans are much more accessible: firstly because the application process is much shorter (it only takes a minute), secondly because you get instant approval, and thirdly because you can use the money immediately!

Before you apply for a loan with us you will need to meet some basic requirements:

  1. You have to be 18 years of age or over
  2. You need a checking or normal bank account with debit facilities
  3. You need an income to repay the loan you have taken out

Do not be surprised, though, if the interest rates are higher than for other types of loans. If you think about it, it is only natural. You need the money right away and nothing comes cheap when it comes to emergencies!

What are The Interest Rates?

The interest rates for  are variable but the default APR is 1355%, so that means if you take out a loan you will pay approximately 25% of that amount back in interest plus the amount you have borrowed. We charge no upfront fees for taking out a loan and there are no other hidden costs but you need to be aware of you miss a payment there may be charges so if you can’t pay back a loan in time then get in touch as soon as you can and let us know.

So, if a friend in need is a friend indeed, you have just found a new friend! Whenever you are in trouble, short term loans from instantpay-day-loans.co.uk are your solution!

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